Posted On: February 5, 2010 by Jeremy Vishno

Connecticut School Bus Safety Legislation

I write in follow-up to my last post concerning the Connecticut student who died when the School Bus he was on left the highway. Many students suffered serious personal injuries, and one student died, perhaps due to the lack of seat-belts on the bus. The driver was certainly required to wear a seat-belt, why not the kids he was transporting. I continue to encourage all Connecticut residents to support upcoming legislative efforts to change the law to require buses to have seat-belts for student use.

Just this past week, another young student was injured in Stamford, Connecticut, simply due to the jostling he endured while the bus traversed a road under construction. A seat-belt would likely have helped. Is the cost of the seat-belt goinig to be more than the cost of the claim that could be filed by the student's family? How about the cost in the claim for the student who was killed? It can hardly be argued that there is any other consideration in play here apart from the costs of retrofitting the buses. How about an ounce of prevention? If your child has suffered a personal injury, make sure to protect their rights of recovery, and to hold the carrier accountable, by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

This legislative session will include proposed laws that will require seat-belts. Support them by contacting your local representtive. Find yours at: "> ">Connecticut Representative Locator. This is a step in the right direction, but a small one. Connecticut has an enhanced driver and owner liability requirement for a certain class and use of vehicles. The requirement applies to all "common carrierrs" which are transport vehicles carrying passengers for hire, such as taxis, city and school buses, as well as limousines and car services. Because they are deemed professionals who have undertaken responsibility for safely delivering people, rather than products, they must adhere to higherr standards of care while driving, as detailed in Connecticut case law (go to to view relevant cases-there are lots!)

Whether your child has been injured on a school bus, on school properrty (bullied, injured through neglect or defective equipment), or injured anywhere else, Vishno Law Firm and Attorney Jeremy Vishno will handle your claims quickly and compassionately. We have the resources to help with cases involving every type of injury from broken bones, severe cuts and bruises, to traumatic brain injuries and more. All consultations for injury claims are free of charge, and no fees are ever charged in injury cases unless a recovery of damages is made.

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