Posted On: December 2, 2011 by Jeremy Vishno

Fairfield Connecticut Board of Ed Incoproates Sexual Harassment into Anti-Bullying Poliicy

If you are a bully, and are in school in Fairfield, Connecticut, watch out! Your actions will not be tolerated under a more comprehensive Anti-Bullying policy, which now includes "Sexual Harassment" in its list of prohibited acts. Thanks to Kelly Crisp, a long-time advocate of child safety in her former role of prosecutor in Georgia, and in her current role of general "Do Gooder," Fairfield's new anti-bullying policy includes "Sexual Harassment." Crisp argued strenuously and convincingly that failure to include this category of bullying would leave one of the most insidious, and tolerated, forms of bullying to continue without formal recourse through the Board of Education's prior policy. Now that the Board has adopted more inclusive language, Sexual Harassment will include more than the vaguely phrased "targeting someone based on gender." Rather, it will also now include "unwanted sexual attention or insulting or degrading sexual remarks or conduct." This broad, but strong lagnuage far more accurately incoroprates what really happens when a student is bullied verbally, or by way of peer or direct pressure of a sexual nature.

Mandatory reporting, implementation of a safety protocol to protect a bullied student, and police intervention when a crime may have been committed are all part of the policy, and carry strong requirements for the Fairfield school system and its staff. Of particular interest to me is that the policy extends to activities off school property, including functions such as school dances, field trips and last but certainly not least, bus stops, where children are often left unsupervised for more than enough time for bullying to occor unimpeded.

If your child is under attack, meaning bullied in any way that is connected with their school, even remotely connected, then you are entitled to the protectino afforded under these new guidelines/rules. if you are not satisfied with how the matter is being handled, contact a knowledgable lawyer to help you understand your rights and remedies. Vishno Law Firm, and Attorney Jeremy Vishno have handled many child-related claims, and we are happy to provide feedback on your situation.

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